gTile: Javascript tile based game engine

gTile: Javascript tile based game engine


gTile is a browser based game engine entirely in Javascript and DHTML. A two dimensional tile based view has been chosen for simplicity and accessibility. Game play is achieved through rich interactions and behaviors of game objects, rather than fancy graphics or animation.

The engine is perhaps best suited to creating adventure and roguelike style games, but may also be used to create 2D virtual world representations of communities and geographical locations.

Example: Using a web based editor, a representation of an apartment, building or town is created. Friends and community members are invited to the site to explore the virtual world and interact with characters, places and objects. Amusement and hilarity ensues.

The game engine runs entirely in a web browser. Supported browsers include IE6+, Firefox 2.0+, Safari 2.0+ and Opera 9.5+. No downlodable components or plugins are required. *

* Flash is only required for sound/music support. In the absense of Flash support, the game engine still functions swimmingly, albeit silently.
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Registered users may save the state of their game in progress. Saved games persist on the server in the users account, ready to be continued at a later date. Since nothing persists on the client machine, a user may continue their game easily from another physical computer or location

User Interface

Mouse roll over context menus facilitate the interaction with characters and objects in the game. This is in contrast to many roguelike games that require a large number of keybindings to account for the massive command set. Instead, the most common commands that may be applied to an item are available immediately by hovering the mouse. The intent is to reduce the steep learning curve often associated with complex roguelike and role playing games, and perhaps cater to a larger audience.

Game Editor

Using a browser based map editor, users can create their own virtual worlds which can immediately be shared with others.


It's the author's opinion that Javascript, as an interpreted language, has many benefits for developing adventure and roguelike games. Behaviors for game characters and objects can be loaded dynamically and only when they are required, as opposed to a single monolithic executable. Users making use of the game editor can create their own objects and describe their behaviors using Javascript, and have this code served to the end user seamlessly.


As a web based application, the gTile may be run from a wide variety of browsers and operating systems, maximizing the available audience for the game.

Version History

2008-07-21 gTile v0.01 - Alpha release.